Mid 2005

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We'd been talking about an extension for years and in August we finally started. Stage one was to remove the timber deck and concrete slab balcony.

This is the 'before shot'. Homey, but needs some work. The timber deck was nice but hiding an old concrete slab balcony which was subsiding and upsetting the brickwork in the rear wall of the house.

Fred removed the deck. He plans to use some of the timber for a deck at his place.

Deck half gone.

Deck all gone.

Yogi on Kanga.

Yogi above. Rocco below.

Yogi cutting reinforcing steel.

Balcony gone and area tidied.

The kitchen door.

The skip ready for the demolished balcony.

Bringing up the rubble on a conveyor. It doesn't look like it but the backyard is 3.5 metres below street level.
Taken from the kitchen door: Yogi and Rocco shovelling rubble onto the conveyor.

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