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I don't think I've ever mentioned this - for 6 years I've been doing a Masters degree in interactive multimedia at UTS, which is also where I work. During the second half of 2006 I did the final masters project. This means I spent a lot of time working in the Media Lab which is at the top of the UTS Tower Building. The lab is just below the "UTS" sign so it has a great view of the city and Darling Harbour, not that I had much time to admire it.
In November Barbara and I spent  three days in Melbourne. I was attending a conference organized by Victoria University so we decided to take the opportunity of turning it into a brief holiday. Barbara had dinner with Alan West and a day for sight-seeing by herself while I was at the conference. Then we stayed one night with a friend, Maureen, and then had a day for sight-seeing together.

We were put up in the Rendezvous Hotel in the centre of Melbourne across the road from Flinders Street Station. It was built in 1913 as the Commercial Travellers Club. It was very nice but seemed to be staffed entirely by teenagers. Above, Barbara is writing a few postcards.

Our sight-seeing concentrated on the area around the Royal Botanic Gardens. Above is the Shrine of Remembrance  nearby.

The Temple of the Winds was built by William Robert Guilfoyle in 1902 as a memorial to Charles La Trobe.  The State Library of Victoria holds a photo taken in 1907.There is a similar rotunda in Fitzroy Gardens that was built in 1873.

The kiosk at the end of St. Kilda pier.

In October we visited our friend, Helen, who was minding her sister's house at Coogee. They have three children so there were lots of toys available.

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