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Callum's 8th Birthday Party
(the little family party, we had a big kids party later)

Todd Park:
Callum had been riding a tiny bike for some time with extra 'training wheels' but now it was time to graduate to something bigger. Conrad was still amusing himself on the playground equipment.
"Three forms of rail transport in one day":
we caught the normal suburban train from Penshurst to Central, then the Light Rail (tram) to Darling Harbour then the Monorail around the city. Well I enjoyed it but the boys look a bit tired.
More bike riding. Now it was Conrad's turn and he wasn't going to use training wheels.

Conrad spent a few weekends going down a grassy hill and falling off and running into things but soon he was on the bike track at Todd Park. Callum's short reign as undisputed king of the track was over.

Our routine became: bike riding around the Todd Park track, then a snack, then ride over to Carss Park beach for a paddle or play on the sand.
A funny one of Conrad.