Late 2004

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Steven took a week off work in early December and we went to Port Stephens for a holiday. This is a very popular area a few hours drive north of Sydney but we went before the school holidays started so it wasn't crowded.

We stayed in this very comfortable 2-bedroom cabin. The pool was great.

The beaches were fabulous and the pelicans curious.

One day was very hot - it reached 42C. In the late afternoon a violent storm arrived from the south and the temperature dropped 15 degrees in as many minutes.

The scenery around Port Stephens is spectacular. The day after the storm was cooler so we went bushwalking to the summit of Tomaree Head.

During the Second World War Tomaree Head hosted a gun emplacement to defend the area against the Japanese. All that is left now are the gun mounts and various concrete structures.
And if there was nothing else to do there was always the pool.