Socceroos vs Bahrain 10 June 2009

Pretty unconvincing team in the first half but they managed to play more cohesively in the second. We are lucky that they won 2:0 because their defence left a lot to be desired. The Bahrainies had a few good players but also weak links (lucky for us). Some of them were feigning injury and adding acrobatics to make a small knock look like a major foul.

While it wasn’t a world class game we had a great time anyway. Just being at ANZ Stadium and watching the players in real life is always a brig thrill. The match against Bahrain was the coldest we had ever been too and we ended up wrapped in blankets and warm jackets. We were saying afterwards that it was probably better to be cold than wet, because we got drenched last time we went to see the Socceroos.

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