Conrad unwell

Conrad has been sick again. He felt unwell Sunday night and his nausea and headache flared up badly when he went to bed. Since then he has been off school and could barely move off the lounge. Panadol helped his head and backache yesterday but at first he was too nauseous and dizzy to take any medication and the light affected him badly. He had to lie under the blanket to protect his eyes and could not get up or walk unaided most of the morning. He is starting to feel dejected and down about being sick again and it coming on so unexpectedly. One minute he is fine and the next his stomach starts feeling strange and then he is dizzy and nauseous. The headache then gets worse and worse and he is virtuallly incapacitated for days on end. The Sandomigran seemed to do the trick for a while but last week and this week he has had such bad episodes again.