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The game!

Well, yesterday the game (COD: Modern Warfare 2) arrived and it took me 8 Hours to finish Campaign mode. It took my friend 6 and he has a lot of PS3 shooting game so I lthink 8 hours is good for my first PS3 shooter. I think the story mode is great!

So, right now I’m pretty sure my favorite level in the game is Wolverines!. And no it has nothing to do with the X-men. It is set in the USA and it is the beginning of when the US is attacked.

So, for my first ever shooting game on PS3 I think it’s a great game and right now I’m working on the Special Ops with my brother Conrad!

The wait

Once again MW2 doesn’t arrive when it was expected to arrive on tuesday or wednesday! The worst part is that now there are 2 extra days where there is a 0% chance of it arriving.

The good news is that the NFL Draft is quickly getting closer, there’s only 14 days to go!