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Kangaroo Valley April 2013

Another trip is in the planning stage so I thought I would summarise our previous trips.

  • In May 2007 we went with Andrea and have an album.
  • During 2009 we went twice, in July and October. For the July trip we have a blog post and an album. For the October trip we have an album.
  • During 2010 we also went twice, in May and September/October. For May we have a blog post and an album. For September we have an album.

I’m sure we visited before 2007 but I can’t find any photos. (To get a list of the posts just click on the Kangaroo Valley link at the end of this post). In addition to the previous lists of ‘things to do and take’:

  • take the GPS (the one we took to Europe but didn’t need to use)
  • don’t forget the KV maps+blurbs bag
  • a useful website is KVExplorer


  • The weather was fabulous.
  • The car+trailer went fine.
  • Mobile phone connectivity was much better than last time, including 3G.
  • We did a nice little bush-walk to the Lake Yarrunga Lookout. There are 2 other lookouts nearby which we should try next time.
  • We used 2 black transport bags in the trailer. These are sold to be strapped to car roofs but they fit snugly side-by-side in the trailer. So the large regular-shaped containers, including the eski, went into the trailer while the food and small or odd-shaped things went into the car boot.

Kangaroo Valley May 2010

We are planning to spend the weekend of 22-23 May in Kangaroo Valley. We bought  a second hand box-trailer last year and we’ll take it with us. This will make packing a lot easier.

Blog entry for our trip last July which lists things to do and to take.


  • take 15 mm (or adjustable) spanner for spare-tyre bolt
  • tool-kit, torch
  • car battery re-charger

Other stuff:

  • Stargazing: binoculars, tripod for camera, warm clothes, star-charts/notes. Ian Musgrave’s Southern Sky Watch
  • Games: balls, raquets, table-tennis net, cards
  • house-shoes, gum-boots
  • spare batteries and charger, mp3 player and some speakers
  • cameras
  • Fred’s axe